T1 Trench Plate Option

The Multi-Shore is designed to use a variety of panels to meet different job requirements. The first option is T1 trench plating. T1 is a single strong-lightweight steel panel designed for deeper requirements. These panels come in 2’ to6’ widths. Options are outlined below.

V-Panel option

The second option is to use MultiShore with V-Panels. These are durable, all aluminum panels that come standard with pounding pads and knife edges. If you already own a V-Panel kit, simply use its’ panels on the MultiShore.

Pre-engineered planks and panels

The third option is to use pre-engineered planks and/or panels. Planks and panels are designed out of specially engineered wood layered with waterproof veneer. Veneer increases life by making them resistant to elements and pressure. Each plank/panel is individually proof loaded and strength tested to ensure the industrial quality expected.

Remember compatibility..

Any panel used above is compatible with other SafeGuard systems. If you invest in Multi-Shore, you invest in everything that uses its components (review the component chart).