Shorelite Trench Box
Wheel, leg kits, tandem connections and stacking lugs.

Wheel kits allow for easy shield dragging and are designed to ride on top of the edge of the ditch. They also allow for easy positioning of a box without having to leave the working area. Leg kits are designed to hold the box 24” off of the ground to gain better pipe clearance. We recommend using leg kits when preexisting utilities are present. For longer applications, two ShoreLite Lite’s can attach horizontally using tandem connectors (as seen). For deeper applications, use ShoreLite Lite’s modular capabilities by simply adding 3’ panels until the desired depth is reached.

Modular design and storage

The ShoreLite Lite is a fully modular aluminum shield system that can easily disassembled and be stored in a small area (unassembled view). On the other hand, we made SLL easy to assemble and fast to install. Single 2.5” thick panels come 3” high and are stacked on-on-top of another to reach a desired height. Kit and size options are outlined below.

Assembly and safety

The ShoreLite Lite is a tough and durable system, yet remains light enough to assemble by hand. This lightweight-strong design is P.E. certified and exceeds international safety requirements. All kits below come equipped with every required connectors and components to get started on your next job.