Job preparation and completion

TimberShore features an all steel waler skeleton and is assembled using simple modular components. Almost every TimberShore components is compatible with other SafeGuard shield systems. Once unassembled, components stack and store away in a limited space (see unassembled view). When ready to start a job, choose necessary pieces that match required depths, lengths, and widths.

Kits & Accessories

Each kit comes with an all steel waler frame, and 4 end posts (spreaders sold separately). Achieve a required width by choosing the proper spreader beam with. Use adjustable spreaders to get more width flexibil- ity. Spreader beams come is a set of 4 or 6 depending on the height of the kit. Note: TimberShore is a rectangular system meant for rectangular ditches. If the ditch is and awkward shape and/or you want a more flexible shield, we recommend using the MultiShore. We designed TimberShore and MultiShore to use most of the same components.