Laminated Mats

Laminated Mat is a generic term used to describe an access mat made up of three layers of 2×8 planks and is synonymous with the term 3-ply mat. The planks within a laminated mat have a common thickness, green in moisture content, and are generally not graded for quality or strength. Typical finished mat sizes are 5" to 6" thick, 8' wide, and 12' to 16' in length. Each layer of the mat is oriented 90 degrees to the next layer and then bolted or nailed through the intersections to form the finished width of the mat. Acceptable service life for a laminated mat ranges from 18 to 48 months.

Laminated mats, or rig mats, are designed for vehicles and heavy equipment with rubber tires. They provide a stable, flat base for wheeled equipment and can be used as temporary roadways for unpaved construction areas.

Product Specifications:
•Lifting method: 3/8" High-Tensile Chains
•Width: 8'
•Length: 16′
•Thickness: 6"