Flat Welding for Additional Strength

  • Flat welding is used on all welds. This technique results in deeper penetration of the welds, greater strength, and cleaner non-drip welds.
  • We don't skimp on welding wire - we use at least 45lbs. of welding wire on each rig mat.
  • Sides are boxed with 1/4" plates that are stitch welded in 6" increments.

Patented Extra Strength Gussets

  • To create the strongest frames available, we use a square tube connection which fortifies cross-members to beam junctions. This is achieved by including gussets on each side of the frame's construction.

Hydraulically Pressured Wood Inserts

Wood beams are positioned cross ways along the mat frame and hydraulically pressured into place. This technique is used to create an extremely tight fit. It also provides excellent water-tightness, even weight distribution and increased strength.

Other Features

Our standard mats are a full-sized, 8' x 40' and 8' x 20' format.

Lifting shackles have 3 load bearing surfaces which eliminates the chance of pins bending. Drain holes are located at each shackle to keep them dry and clear of debris.

We offer custom 3-beam and 4-beam mats including, but not limited to, 8' x 30', 4' x 20', 4' x 30', and 4' x 40'.

We're Passionate About our Rig Mats

We build with quality in mind, no cutting corners or lower-value components. Our rig mats are simply the best available. Through our lean manufacturing process we produce a consistent square mat to help ease final installation. The final product includes heavy roll ends for added durability and safer junctions when rig mats are positioned in formation.