Shorelite Modular Kit

ShoreLite Modular Kits

SL Modular kits ship with every required connector and component to get you started on the job. Double walled panels come in standard heights of 18”, 24”, or 36” depending on depth requirements. Panels are stacked until a required height is reached. The table below shows data for 36” walls. To transform a ShoreLite Modular into a ShoreLite Lite, simply detach double wall panels and attach single wall panels.

Rigging & Push Pads

Each SL Modular comes standard with rotatable lifting lugs for balanced lifting. We recommend using a rigging sling for easiest maneuvering and placement. Also coming standard are solid steel push pads. These are found on the top-ends sidewall panels (four total). Push pads allow you to firmly press this shield into the ditch without harming it with an excavator bucket.

The Modular Clamping Panel System

When unassembled, this system can be broken down and easily be loaded in the back of a pickup for emergency spot repairs or tap-ins. ShoreLite Modular is made up of components that can be assembled quickly on cite. This feature is perfect for every city, contractor and utility company that wants to quickly tackle a job and get home.