Panels and walers

Two tough steel horizontal walers make up the skeleton V-Panel kits. Each waler comes standard with an internal locking system that is designed to be used with sidewall panels (V-panels). By unlocking the waler, it can vertically adjusted to allow for greater pipe clearance. Attached to the walers are extruded aluminum V-Panels. Each panel can be individually adjusted (up and down) without leaving the ditch. We recommend using the V-Panel kit in pipe populated work areas.

Knife edges and pounding pads

Each vertical panel comes standard with pounding pads and knife bottoms. Tamping pads allow the V-Panel shield to be firmly pressed into a ditch without damaging panels. Knife bottoms aid this process by helping the panel cut into the dirt as you drive. Did you know that knife bottom also keep your box straight and positioned its being pushed down?

End Bracket & drop-ons

End brackets are attach spreader beams. Panels are then attached to create drop 'ons (see below). Use drop 'ons and close off ends to create a safer working area.