Experienced Matting Team: SSG's key personnel were instrumental in developing the initial composite mat utilized worldwide in the Oil & Gas industry since 1996 with research and development, then on to production and ultimately, field application. Through 18+ years of global experience and knowledge in applying composite matting in various climates, soils, terrain, and sensitive environments, our team has become the world's foremost authority on composite rig matting within the O&G industry. We are experts in handling complex Oil & Gas projects in difficult and remote locations. For significant projects we will supervise and train onsite personnel on how to install the MegaDeck HD matting system.

Better than Wood: MegaDeck HD mats have numerous advantages over wood and other natural material mats. Wood mats cannot be cleaned or decontaminated, they rot and decay creating unsafe site conditions, they are extremely heavy compared to composites, they require 3 times the logistical footprint, and their manufacture destroys forests. In addition, wood mat have a short life span and have to be repurchased multiple times during long projects compromising environmental sustainability.

Durable and Long Lasting: The MegaDeck HD composite mats have an unlimited shelf life and a work life of 10 years in construction and oilfield environments. The MegaDeck HD mats are an engineered product that has reliable performance and quality specifications. MegaDeck HD mats will not rot, degrade, crack or split and will retain their engineered performance throughout their workable lifespan. Also the global plastic recycling market is quite strong and the HDPE material garners significant recycling scrap value per pound. No wood or natural material product can offer these features - longevity, scientifically engineered performance, sustainability, environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

Optimal Size for Shipping and Transport: MegaDeck HD mats have an overall size of 14' x 7.5' x 4" / 4.27m x 2.29m x 10.2cm thick per mat. SSG designed the product to this size so it can be containerized and loaded into standard ISO containers for shipping. MegaDeck HD does not require any specialized palletizing or equipment to load into the container; they simply fit in the laying position. This is the safest and cheapest method of transport.

Length is exactly 2x the width (unlike others) allowing for install flexibility: The length of each MegaDeck HD mat is specifically designed to be twice its width. This allows for greater versatility during assembly and provides increased flexibility in terms of how the mats can be configured. Other products are limited in this regard due to their irregular dimensions.

Overlapping Connection Technology: The MegaDeck HD mats overlap and interlock to create a solid safe surface suitable for construction and roadway locations, which save many set up days compared to other methods. The overlapping interlocking feature of the MegaDeck HD matting creates a solid surface where the assembly of the entire site acts as one large mat. This key interlocking feature which is paramount to the performance of the system cannot be accomplished by the competitors with their odd sized products. This minimizes the required pre-project site disturbance and the overlapping technology supports weights and heavy traffic with minimal deflection across the seams of adjoining mats, thus reducing ground pressure and soil compaction during the project. Therefore, no post-project site reclamation is required.

Superior Composite Plastic Formula: With improved physical and material properties, the MegaDeck HD mats outperform all competitive products in extreme temperatures, bending, and load distribution. The advanced science and technology employed in the development of the MegaDeck HD plastic composition allows the mat to exhibit high strength-to-weight ratio and carry the required loading while still remaining flexible and pliable so it doesn't break or become damaged due to repetitive traffic. This has been verified by testing completed by the US Corps of Engineer's testing laboratory (see testing report). It was proven that MegaDeck HD matting will not become brittle and fracture as the temperatures fluctuate. Other matting products do not possess this trait: they will break and fracture because their material composition is simply too rigid.

Solid Construction: The MegaDeck HD mats are manufactured with a unique state-of-the-art process that injects the plastic into the mold in the molted state. This allows for a stronger, mat without any voids or weak points. The competitor places plastic pellets into the mold and attempts to melt the pellets in an oven during the manufacturing process. This outdated process allows for voids, cracks and weak points internal to the mat due to unmolted pellets that are random from mat to mat which leads to failures during application in the field, ultimately creating an unsafe condition.

RFID Tracking: Each MegaDeck HD mat has an imbedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) tag that has excellent reading results in harsh environments up to 40'. The tags can be used for inventory control and locating of mats on the jobsite. This feature is offered at no cost to the customer. It's just another example of a value added benefit of MegaDeck HD that the competition can not match.


  • Save time in installation and take down days
  • Time is Money o Never replace mats again
  • Long Term Cost Savings o Creates a safe, sturdy and uniform work site
  • Safety Counts o Sustainable Product Saves the Forest
  • Mat can be cleaned and decontaminated
  • Protect Sensitive Environments